session management

Hi All,

    i am developing a software using vaadin as gui .

    my application contains a login form which inherits com.vaadin.Application .

    and other screens which inherit either HorizontalLayout or VerticalLayout.

    the user info is used across my application .

    How can i retain the user info across my application till he logs out.

    i tried using httpsession . i set the user session attribute in the login form.

    but when i try to use it any other screens , session is returning mull.

   How can i mange the session across the application.



You can retain your user info anywhere, just pretend there are no such thing as sessions and requests. Vaadin works more like a desktop application - your variables will be intact until the end of the session, which can be compared to quitting a desktop application. I.e you’re making things more complicated than they are :wink:

For user info, there are built-in helpers,
- you might want to use those. But a
private UserInfo user;
would work just as well.

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