Session Management

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I have to customize session management feature in vaadin as per my requirements. Like i want every UIDL request to be check for session time-out.

Which java file containing the logic for handling session time-out and what is default session time-out for vaadin applcation?


Vaadin uses standard servlet sessions, so your servlet container (e.g tomcat) handles the session timeouts.

I’m not sure what you mean by “every UIDL request to be check for session time-out”? Out-of-the-box, Vaadin shows an error message if the session has timed out - this happens for all requests.

You can customize the error message, and make it reload or redirect automatically on timeout, or if you have custom needs, you’ll probably want to customize ApplicationServlet.


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…and maybe have a look at the
add-on as well, see if it has some features you need.