Session Externalization seems Problematic! insprite using Spring Session Re

The objective is really to externalize Vaadin Spring Session into Redis.

The versions that is use:

Spring Boot: 1.2.6.RELEASE
Vaadin: 7.7.6
Vaadin Spring Boot Starter: 1.0.2
Vaadin Spring Extensions: 0.0.7.RELEASE
Spring Session: 1.3.1.RELEASE
Spring Session Redis Addon: 1.0

We are running Spring Boot Vaadin Application, with VaadinManagedSecurity & LOGIN through Vaadin UI ( mapped to ‘/login’ ), and the MAIN dashboard is seperate UI (post login, mapped to ‘/’)

Login working fine, taking to the landing MAIN UI, but then any user action over that, be it click, navigation or anything showing “Communication Error” & doing nothing. Although using Addressbar the navigate to other views working okay!

Any lead OR advice would help greatly!


I don’t have too much experience with Redis session replication, but did you check for any hints in the server log? I’d suspect there is some issue serialising the session. An other point where you might end up having issues is if you are using push communication in your app. Then the filter based solution from Spring Session Redis Addon don’t work. There was some dude proposing a fix for this recently in


Hi Matti,
I appriciate your attention.

After your reply I inspected my code, and I am not using @Push atall, infact when I use Push.Disable, I rather started getting all sorts of serialization issues ( which was not coming before, rather showing communication error ).

It will greatly help, if you can point me to some discusssions OR any reference.

And, can you please check through the versions (I posted earlier), do you believe those versions has any dependency issue OR can lead to serialization issue ?

Thank you.

Maybe there is some service that you autowire that isn’t serialized propertly? I’d try to find out some logging settings, I’d bet there are serialization exceptions somewhere. You could also try to serialize the UI manually to see if serializatoin fails.


Hi Matti,
Thanks again for your reply, these indeed someway connected to serialization issue, where I am progressing with transient, serialize proxy OR simply by implementing serializable.

But now stuck here:

Can you please give me some hint here ?
I am using Vaadin4Spring Addon with @VaadinSharedSecurity, is it atall achievable to externalize session to redis ?

Thank you.