"Session Expired" when switch two Vaadin APs


There are two Vaadin APs deployed on the same weblogic server but different weblogic manager servers. Thus the hostname is the same but the port is different between the APs’ URL.

When switch between these two APs in the same browser window, the previous used AP will show “Session Expired. Take note of any unsaved data, and click here to continue.”.

Our APs with Vaadin Version 7.7.12 and deployed on WebLogic Server Version: 12.1.3.

Any ideas or suggestions to fix this issue?
Many thanks,

My guess (not sure, though) would be that session cookies are getting mixed up; they’re assigned to the domain and not differentiated by port number. Basically, the server receives a cookie that looks correct, but doesn’t find a matching session so it concludes the session has expired. Easiest solution in this case would probably be the use of subdomains instead of different port numbers.

If that’s the case, the issue is not only Vaadin-related but would affect any Java Servlet web app. Maybe that will give you more ideas of what to look for.

Hi Olli, thanks for your reply.

Finally we found out the same weblogic server but different weblogic manager servers used the same session name by default.

So we set session name in weblogic.xml to distinct different session from different APs.


It works. Many thanks.

Good to hear you got it working!