Session expired notification shown incorrectly

In my application, I have set some customized system messages via the static getSystemMessages(). For session expired, I have set the the notification to disabled, messages to null and url to an external url. But, while testing the application, I still managed to get a “null, null” error message for session expiration.

In the javadoc of CustomizedSystemMessages.setSessionExpiredNotificationEnabled() it says:

Enables or disables the notification. If disabled, the set URL (or current) is loaded directly when next transaction between server and client happens.

So if I disable the notification, no messages should be shown and redirection should be immediate? But at least AbstractApplicationServlet doesn’t check this in handleServiceSessionExpired(). And in CommunicationManager line 520 there is a condition that needs messages to be null, but the notification to be enabled in order to send the redirect URL to the client.

Have I just misunderstood this (not enough coffee) or should I create a ticket for this?