Session Expired immediately

Any ideas or advices?!?

I have a simple vaadin application created from an achetype. The page with button is loaded but when you click is, session is already expired. This problem occurs
just only
under this conditions:

  • session is https
  • browsert is IE 11.0.14393.0 (after Windows 10 Aniversary Update 1607)
  • SPNEGO is used

with SSO and HTTP → works
without SSO and HTTPS → works
without SSO and HTTP → works
with SSO and HTTPS → IE does not work

Server is WildFly 10.1.0.Final
Other browsers (EDGE, Firefox, Chrome) works fine. Before Aniversary update the IE 11 worked as well.

I know it is not enough information but I don’t know what can be important. Can you point me what should I check / should I do?

I haven’t find anything strange at logs and communication. I’m guessing there will be something with a session but I can find what is bad :frowning: