Session expired accessing Vaadin in Safari browser

When I tried to access my test site in imac using Safari browser I got:
session expired
when I clicked any control on my application.

What could possibly causing this? In windows (chrome, IE, firefox) got no problem.

Most probably the session has expired (you have kept the browser window open on a mac for a longer period of time).

Here is the sequence of event .

  1. I opened a new Tab in safari.
  2. entered the URL ( ) in the address bar
  3. The vaadin application perfectly loaded and displayed on the browser.
  4. but when I clicked any buttons. I got session expired.

This definitely should not happen. Please try to isolate the problem in a test application and
submit it as a ticket

(Small test application is needed to reproduce problem. Writing the test application probably is not a waste of time as many of the problems “solve themselves” in the process of trying to isolate them).

One possibility is also that cookies are turned off. In Vaadin 6.3.0 (and 6.3.0.pre1) this is shown as a separate “please enable cookie support” message.

Its working now,

the cookies is set to “visited site”

but before I change the cookie setting. I deploy test vaadin application. It just work I don’t have the session expired. but when I tried the old application still getting session expired. Then I set to enabled the cookies.

Thanks for the response.

For anyone having a similar problem and finding their way here… we have an app deployed on Amazon ElasticBeanstalk with a number of instances and had this problem with Safari on Mac and iPhone/iPad. Solution was to turn on sticky sessions in your app’s load balancer configuration.

I have the same problem with OSX 10.10.1, Safari 8 and iOS 8.1.1
I got session expired message immediately, after the main page is loaded. When i clicked on the session expired message, the page is reloading, and there is the error again. :frowning:
My server is a virtual server at leaseweb cloud, but i dont have cluster or load balancer. (I’m using Tomcat 8.0.9)
Chrome and Firefox is works fine, but Safari is realy important for my applicaton. Safari cookie settings doesnt help me.

i think automatic cookie clear your browser set the session time on the browser, you can change the session time, every browser have default session time.


Even I have issue related to Safari…
I figured out that when the thread is spawned, the child thread have lost the session object…
In the spawned thread, com.vaadin.ui.UI object has lost the VaadinSession. All works fine in FF, IE or even in Chrome.