Servlet Redirect and different URL Pattern

Hi everyone,

I’m using a servlet for pre-authentication before redirecting to my Vaadin app, but I had no success.
Well the 2 things I have changed in my project that was working before is:

  1. Changed the URL Pattern from the Vaadin Servlet to “/app/*”

  2. The authentication servlet redirects to the URLPattern like this:

request.getRequestDispatcher("/app/something").forward(request, response);

The browser is redirected, but I get this Alert message:

What am I doing wrong here?

thanks for your help.

Just a guess, but /app prefix is used by Vaadin internally. Try to change app → foo.

No deal Joonas, I tried /foo/* or other things, but the same error is shown.

I think this error is ocurring when the Main Window is set in the application.

Have tried also mapped /VAADIN to the servlet?

Any tip of how to do this?

, second source example.

Great, it is working. Many thanks. :grin: