Serverside Code and ClientSide Code

Hi Guys,

i am new to Vaadin. I started out a few days with GWT and then i found Vaadin, what is a beatiful piece of software.
But i didn’t understood one thing until now.
What is running on Client and what is running on Server.
My Problem: On GWT There is a package client and a server package. The client package is compiled to javascript and the server package is running on the server, as far as i understood.
For me that ment, my UI is on the Client Package and the business logic and validation for login and other inputs is running on the server package. Because when i would validate on Client Package it would be compiled to javascript and not running the validation on the server, means easy security issue.

In Vaadin there is only “one” package where the code for ui and login an so on is running out.
I didn’t get it, what is compiled to java, and where to write my validation.

greetings xasz

All Vaadin-code is running on the Server. The communication between client and server and the creation of the client-side widgets according to your Vaadin-component-tree is handled transparently by the framework.

Thanx for your replay.
That means that i can code my “security validation” in the same “methode” as i create the Buttons etc.
Or in other word, if i create a Button with a Eventlistener. Vaadin creates a “Ajax based Button for me” with a Eventlistener, which sends the event to the server and the content of the eventlistener is handled on the server, without sending some of validation code to the client.

Have i understood this correctly, if yes … amazing emoticon

Yes, I think you understood me correctly.