ServerRpc Errorhandling

I implemented a custom widget and it does calls via a ServerRPC implementation. This works all good.

I wanted to know how I should implement errorhandling, because I need the sent messages to be redelivered in case of an error.

I pretty much followed this chapter in the book:

Any help is appreciated.


not sure I understood. Could you please describe the error case(s) you want to handle in a bit more detail?



I am thinking mainly of network failures (timeouts, network down, etc.) but also Unexpected exceptions on the server side.

How can I handle that? Or is there an onError Callback?

Kind regards

Hi Christian,

Currently if any Vaadin client-to-server AJAX request fails the result is a critical notification and the page has to be reloaded. We’re currently working on a much
improved error handling
for Vaadin 7.6.

So there is no possibility to get immediately feedback when a request fails like in gwt rpc with