Server Deployment - What setup did you choose?

Hey all,

I am havig an issue that I believe is linked to Push. My applications require user authentication, and my first application is replacing our main website which uses Facebook OAuth. Their current logins need to persist since they are linked to their own data. The whole thing works great in a test environment. With deployment, I added in a wildcard SSL and the ability to subdomain. It goes a bit off, but it could be due to the FB Login since I never ran it live without the SSL …

The exact issue is that when the page loads, it immediately spits out that the Session Expired and to take note of any unsaved data. Except this is the first thing that happens on a page load.

I have been running off of a Centos6 VPS running Apache 2.2 and Tomcat 7. I have been reading extensively trying to troubleshoot and one post so a similar issue noted that it was likely a websocket issue and that Apache 2.2 does not have it, only 2.4. I checked to just yum upgrade, and apparently there are some issues and it is a no go on my current setup.

So I rented a VPS on DigitalOcean for cheap and did a full setup. Apache 2.4. Tomcat 8.5.5. Same. Darn. Problem. Exactly.

So I am curious if anyone else is running SSL, FB Oauth, and Server Push all together. I would love to know what they are using for a server setup, and if they are running Apache/Tomcat what did they have to do to ensure things worked?

I am absolutely not tied to any specific technology, though I think I would prefer to remain with Centos.

So, what are you guys running? :slight_smile:



Example of error at: