Server and client models are not updated when using @SpringComponent on @Ro

Good afternoon, we encountered such a problem during development, we would like to know from the developers:

We created a page - a class using the PolymerTemplate extension, hung @SpringComponent and @UIScope annotations so that the page exists throughout the entire UI life cycle.
We receive data from the client to the server using the Model, for example, getModel (). GetNumTabDetails (), during the existence of the page, we call this method several times, different NumTabDetails are returned to us, as it should be, since this value changes over the life of the page . The getModel (). SetNumTabDetails () method also works correctly and sends data from the server to the client.

But it’s worth going to another page, then returning again, the getModel (). GetNumTabDetails () method will always return the same value that was the last before leaving the page, although it has changed on the client. We also checked the getModel (). SetNumTabDetails (“1”) method, the value from the server also does not reach the client.

Such a problem with the NumTabDetails value does not occur when the @SpringComponent and @UIScope annotations are missing, you can leave as many as you like and go to the page and getModel () methods work correctly. But, the state of the page, of course, is not saved. Have you encountered such a problem, if so, have you solved it?

Version Vaadin 14.

Sounds like it could be a bug. If you can create a minimal project that reproduces the behavior, you should create a ticket here: