seperate widgetset jar

Hi all,

I’m having quite some trouble with a custom widgetset.
I have an existing vaadin project and there I want to use a custom widget, but for cleaner code/code reuse I wanted to have my CustomWidget in an seperate jar/project and add it as an dependency into my existing one. The widget itself is functioning and tested with a simple webapplication (all this inside the same project). After that I made the extra project, moved the code there and added it to my bigger project. Then added the entry to the x.gwt.xml to include the custom widget. But when I compiled the widgetset in eclipse, the web app gave me an error message: Widgetset '' does not contain implementation for ... After that I checked the x.gwt.xml again, just to find the additional entry removed. Even when I add it again the GWT compiler(or v just ignores it and doesn’t output it in console, Widgetsets found from classpath: com.vaadin.DefaultWidgetSet in jar:file:/home/bastian/.m2/repository/com/vaadin/vaadin-client/7.3.3/vaadin-client-7.3.3.jar!/ com.vaadin.addon.charts.Widgetset in jar:file:/home/bastian/.m2/repository/com/vaadin/addon/vaadin-charts/2.0.0.beta2/vaadin-charts-2.0.0.beta2.jar!/ in file: ... Now the entry is removed again from the .gwt.xml, how can I force the addon/compiler to find the Widgetset in my jar?

Any Eclipse users having the same problem? Or a functioning example project?