Selecting all items with shift-click fails.


I have a table with a lot of items (±200), when I use shift-click to select them all (click first item, scroll down with scrollbar and hold shift + click last item.) it appears only a number of items at the end of the list are selected.
From the 200 items only around 50 are returned with table.getValue().
The number of returned items depends on the ‘height’ of the list (the pixels that is).

If I scroll up after selecting them all, the selection is also gone visually.
Selecting them all in code works fine, also after scrolling through the table.

Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Has anyone a solution for this?


We modified Vaadin table behaviour for this feature. It seems default Vaadin table just focus first row on first shift+click.

Thanks for you answer.

There is indeed a bug in the default Vaadin table when shift-clicking the first time.
But that is not the problem, problem is that it seems everything is selected but only last x items are selected.

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I think the Table only selects the items in the visible page and within the cache area on the client side. I’ve also seen this behavior and it’s clearly a bug. If you don’t have too many rows, you could just call setCacheRate with a sufficiently high number on your table and it should work then.

Please create a ticket about this issue at


I have just encountered this issue (or something similar) myself.

I have a potentially huge table (thousands of rows). Cache & page settings on the table left at default.

If I try and select a range that spans across the cache threshold, then the early selected rows get lost.

Is it a new bug, or has it always existed?
Would a vaadin developer like to comment?
Is there a work around?

Quite a sticky point for us this one.

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Just seen #13138. What are the chances of this bug being addressed?

Shameless bump. Any takers?