Selected text in TextField and NativeSelect issue


I have TextField and NativeSelect on UI.
Following is the code for reference:

public class Demo extends UI {

    protected void init(VaadinRequest request) {
        VerticalLayout vLayout = new VerticalLayout();
        TextField txt = new TextField("Text Field");
        NativeSelect select = new NativeSelect("Select Value");

Issue that I face here is:

  1. Enter some text in textfield
  2. Select the text with mouse double click
  3. Now click on NativeSelect and choose any value
  4. At this point both text in TextField and NativeSelect I highlighted

Expected functinality was that once user clicks on NativeSelect focus sshould move out of TextField and text in TextField should not be highlighted.

Kunal Patil

I cannot confirm this problem in Vaadin 7.2.2 (tested in Chrome, Firefox and IE11). What version are you using?

Hi Marius,

Vaadin version used is 7.2.0
Same is the result for 7.2.2
Browser IE 10
With Chrome it’s not an issue.

Kunal Patil

Okay i can reproduce it now using IE 9. So it seems to occur in IE versions before 11.
This behaviour also happens when i tested it with a simple html containing just a and a so it seems to be an IE bug and not a Vaadin one.