Select height option?

Is there a way to set the minimum height of rendered Select when the value is empty and a placeholder is used? As seen in the picture, I tried to use select.setMinHeight() but all that did was increase the area of the select box. I was looking to make the empty Select dropdown( [Chair 1 V ] in the pic) the same height as a non-empty Select dropdown ([@ Rod V] in the pic) so they appear consistent. I’d like to stay away from custom (or any) CSS to do this as I’m going for a 100% Java approach. V24

there’s no Java API for affecting the min-height of the dropdown, if I understood correctly that that’s what you’re after.

You can set a CSS classname on the overlay with setOverlayClassName, and write a line of CSS that sets min-height on it.

Thanks. I kind of figured there might not be. Guessing that’s like super low lever CSS stuff there. I suppose an easy workaround for me is to just include an image for an empty selection, assuming I can even do that.