Select component - IE8 and Chrome 5.x

I have problem with Select component in IE 8 and Chrome 5.0.375.55, it looks like bad rendering.
I’m using Vaadin 6.3.
Can anyone tell me, would it be fixed and what’s browsers Vaadin 6.3 supports ?

Chrome 5.x

IE 8

Vaadin 6.3 supports both and the rendering you get is seriously wrong. Thus the problem is somewhere else.

  1. Just in case - try to clear browser cache.

  2. Try to isolate the problem by creating a simple test app that reproduces the problem.

Both Chrome and IE8 are

We have not seen this kind of behavior on Chrome, including the stable 5.0 version.
The full set of automated tests are currently still run on Chrome 4.1, but will probably move to Chrome 5 soon.

What is the exact Vaadin version with which you see the problem. Can you reproduce it with the
? If not, please post a small test application that demonstrates it.

For the IE8 problem, this might be related to zooming in the browser and the theme used. Can you confirm if this is the case and indicate how to reproduce the issue?

Zooming does create the vertically disjoint look in Chrome, Firefox and IE. I have never seen the horizontal split.

You are right, in IE 8 zooming did bad rendering. If zoom in browser was set to something other than 100% select was split. I’m still working on Chrome issue. I’m using Vaadin 6.3.2 and default theme.

As for Chrome, after investigation we figure out that splitting of select was caused by AdThwart 0.9.6 add-on. So it isn’t Vaadin issue.
Thank you for help.