Select component doesn't show the selected value when the form is edited

Hai all,

I have a problem with Select component.

I have a form with Select component, When I store the data into DataBase the component is working fine. But When I
edit the record from the table the from doesn’t show the selected value in Select component
, but remaing all components are working fine. Please give the solution.

thanks in advance.

Could you explain in more detail what are you trying to do and/or show some code. I didn’t quite understand, what is the problem.

hai Johannes, thanks for reply.

Actually I have table, when I select any row in the table and click edit button it display a subwindow with selected row values in the table. Here all the textfileds values are displayed the in the subwindow,
but the values in the dropdown list(Select or combobox) are doesnt display the previous selected values
…but the list of values are there inside dropdown list…please give the solution…thanks in advance…

What is the type of items in the ComboBoxes (what container type?). What is the Property value type of for example the property “Portal Institution”?

hai Johannes ,

I am using a BeanItemContainer and here portalInstituion is an entity.

this is my entity…

public class PortalUser implements {

private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
private Long id;
private PortalInstitution portalInstitution;



this is my controller class

BeanItemContainer portalUser=new BeanItemContainer(PortalUser.class);

		userTable=new Table(null,portalUser);

When I press the edit button the following code will be executed…

new PortalUserEditor((BeanItem) userTable.getItem(userTable.getValue()));

this is in my editor class

public Field createField(Item item, Object propertyId, Component uiContext) {

	String pid=(String)propertyId;
		System.out.println(" inst.....");
		List<PortalInstitution> institutions=(List<PortalInstitution>) portalInstGenHome.getActiveInstitution();
		if (institutions != null && institutions.size() > 0) {

			for (PortalInstitution institution : institutions) {
				institutionsSelect.setItemCaption(institution, institution.getInstName());
		return institutionSelect;

please give a solution…thanks…

Did you resolve this already? I guess none of the instances of PortalInstitution from portalInstGenHome.getActiveInstitution() equal to PortalUser.portalInstitution. When setting the current selection of Select the container.containsId is called and that eventually calls List.contains which compares id objects with equals.