Secured shopping cart feature in Vaadin..

My name is Krupani. I am new to Vaadin and I really like this framework so far. Some of the best features i think are rich UI, Ipad support, pure java development and it is opensoure.

I am developing a rich e-comerce web site with vaadin and I would like to have a secured shopping cart feature in my application. The look and feel of
the shopping cart should match with the themes and styles of my site.

Does vaadin provide any shopping cart feature?
I should be able to
1. Add/remove products to/from the cart
2. set/unset the quantity
3. Accept all major credit cards, paypal
4. Calculate taxes,including shipping
5. Allow different currencies

Any ideas…
Your help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much.

or are there any good third party shopping cart softwares i can integrate with Vaadin.

any ideas…?

Thanks for all your help