Second progressIndicator in wizard causes heavy load

I’ve just been implementing an application using the Vaadin Wizard.
Within one of the wizard steps I’ve included a progress bar to show the progress of a file upload (I’m building a entity agnostic import wizard).
The problem is that when I display my progress bar my system cpu load goes through the roof to the point that the browser is slow to respond.
It appears that this has something to do with the polling interval of the progress indicator. The wizard appears to use the default interval of 200ms and initially my indicator did as well. When I turned my polling interval down to 1000ms the cpu load went down.
My concern is that two widgets polling at 200ms shouldn’t bring a system to its knees.
Am I doing something wrong or is there somthing fundementially wrong with the progress indicator?

I can provide some sample code if required.

FYI this bad behavior is still there.
I opened an issue :

Oh, I hadn’t noticed this discussion thread. Thanks for creating the issue in GitHub!

I try to find some time to take a look at this soon.