search application who use vaadin


are there any medium size application who use vaadin?
i search some source code to have better idea of the best pratice, better way to split application and so on…


There are many medium and large size applications made with Vaadin. Unfortunately, almost always when you do an application like that, they are proprietary and closed source. Also many of them might be quite specific to a problem and thus wouldn’t match your needs.

You can however use the
here on to get some good practices. You’re also more than welcome to add new articles there.

I guess most of the applications written with Vaadin are closed source, but if you take a look at
Who is using Vaadin
, you can see that there are a couple of open source projects shown as well. You could also try to look for projects in public repositories such as
Google Code

there are any example with a split for service, dao and so on
does with the vaadin architecture theses split is useless?

It is always good to split business logic from the UI code. There are not many examples, but the same architecture rules apply in Vaadin as with any other Java software.

There are not much examples. The closest to one that I could find was this wiki article:
MVC Basics in Vaadin

thanks you all

You should look at Activiti. They have built an admnistrative UI with Vaadin recently and they also have some doc if you want to build your own extensions. I am not saying it’s best practice (I haven’t looked deeply the code yet) but it’s definitely something you should look at if you want to see what others are doing