Scrollbar with OptionGroup in GridLayout not working


I have an issue with Scrollbars and although I read a lot of threads, I couldn’t solve it.

I have a Panel (Height 80%, Scrollable;Width 80%; the Panels Content SizeUndefined) containing a GridLayout(Height 80%,Width 80%) and a VerticalLayout.
The GridLayout contains many VerticalLayouts (Height 80%), which contain quite long OptionGroups (Size undefined).

I would like to have a scrollbar in the Panel, but it’s not showing up.
What did I miss?

Best regards, twaddle


if you want the scrollbar to come up “automatically” (= based on content size), you will need to have all the layouts and components within the component hierarchy as undefined width/height, depending on the orientation of the scroll bar you need.

You said that your panel’s content has undefined size so that’s correct, but after that the GridLayout and VerticalLayouts within should also have undefined width. This should enable the scroll bars.

Also: having relatively (%) sized components within undefined sized ones is an invalid layout, which you seem to have here with the panel’s content having undefined size and the GridLayout within having relative size. This can cause all kinds of problems, so I recommend fixing that too.