Scrollbar missing in table

I had a legacy application which I needed to update from 6.7.6 version of vaadin to latest 6.8.15 version.

After updating I found out that the tables in the application are missing scrollbar. If I downgrade the vaadin version back to 6.7.6 the scrollbars are visible again.

The I started to tear down the application part by part, experimenting diffrent stuff until finally I have only the below test code in application init method

Still no scrollbar, even if i set the page size to 5?

Is there something that I’m totally missing here? If I read the documentation correctly this piece of code should generate applicaton with 5 row table and scrollbars? Instead it generates table with 5 entries, no scrollbar

window = new Window(“My Vaadin Application”);

  Table table = new Table();
  table.addContainerProperty("Name", String.class, null);
  table.addContainerProperty("Mag",  Float.class, null);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Canopus",        -0.72f}, 2);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Arcturus",       -0.04f}, 3);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Alpha Centauri", -0.01f}, 4);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Canopus1",        -0.72f}, 5);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Arcturus1",       -0.04f}, 6);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Alpha Centauri1", -0.01f}, 7);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Canopu2s",        -0.72f}, 8);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Arcturus2",       -0.04f}, 9);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Alpha Centauri2", -0.01f}, 10);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Canopus3",        -0.72f}, 11);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Arcturus3",       -0.04f}, 12);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Alpha Centauri3", -0.01f}, 13);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Canopus4",        -0.72f}, 14);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Arcturus4",       -0.04f}, 15);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Alpha Centauri4", -0.01f}, 16);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Canopus5",        -0.72f}, 17);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Arcturus5",       -0.04f}, 18);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Alpha Centauri5", -0.01f}, 19);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Canopus6",        -0.72f}, 20);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Arcturus6",       -0.04f}, 21);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Alpha Centauri6", -0.01f}, 22);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Canopus7",        -0.72f}, 23);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Arcturus7",       -0.04f}, 25);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Alpha Centauri7", -0.01f}, 25);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Canopus8",        -0.72f}, 26);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Arcturus8",       -0.04f}, 27);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Alpha Centauri8", -0.01f}, 28);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Canopus9",        -0.72f}, 29);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Arcturus9",       -0.04f}, 30);
  table.addItem(new Object[]{"Alpha Centauri19", -0.01f}, 31);


as a first check, if you have a custom widgetset in your application make sure you have recompiled the widgetset. You should be able to check the widgetset (and server) version from the debug window (add ?debug to your application url).