Scrollbar bug in Vaadin table? [IMAGES]


I’m having a problem with a table in my application.

The table contains more items than the paging is set to and a scrollbar is generated. however, all I see is the space inside the table that the scrollbar should occupy, but no scrollbar. The scrollbar appears if I either collapse one of the columns, and stays visible when the column is re-attached, or if I shrink the width of the browser window.

This is how it looks when the table first is painted:

This is how it looks when I’ve “forced” the scrollbar to appear:

A weird thing is that it doesn’t seem to be a constant behaviour, if I connect to another database that loads the table with items, still more than the table paging length is set to, the scrollbar appears with no issues. So it only seems to be in the context of loading huge amounts of data, items around a million in size.

Does anyone here recognize this problem and know how to solve it, or have any other advice?

Any help would be great!

Do you have this issue is several different browsers? The scrollbar should be managed by the browser, so it might be specific to it. Eg. if the number of entries is too big with regard to the height of the bar, the cursor might be too thin (even though it usually a minimal height: it can be a bug in the browser).

That was an interesting point, I had not tried with another browser, I had only used Firefox. After trying with Chrome I can establish that the problem isn’t present in that browser.

If it’s a problem when running it in Firefox but not in Chrome I have no idea of what I should do. I thought those two were practically on full compatibility with each other… =\

I had not tried with another browser
Yes, when you first dabble with Web interfaces, you must have this habit to check in several browsers. The base ones are, of course, IE, Firefox and Chrome, it can be also a good idea to check Safari and Opera as well. Even if Chrome and Safari share the same WebKit component.

I thought those two were practically on full compatibility with each other
Not quite… They tend to have similar behavior, the standards defined by the W3C. Even IE9 is close, now. But they have different engines, different implementations (or interpretations of the standards!), and, of course, different sets of bugs… :slight_smile:
The Vaadin team makes lot of work to hide even more these differences, but they are still there.