Scrollable Combo box

Are there any plans of changing the combo box to be able to scoll lazily and to be able to filter?

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I didn’t understand what you exactly mean. You want scrolling instead or paging, or laziness? ComboBox already loads the items lazily. You can already filter the items by the text you input in the text box in ComboBox, or what sort of filtering do you want?

Hi Marko,

Thanks for replying.
I was looking for a scrollable combobox with filtering option.

I tried setting the pagesize to 0, and giving a height for the combo box, but then the filtering doesn’t work.

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We were able to achive the scroll and filter to work, by setting the pagesize to the size of the options, and setting a max height.

But this is not lazy loading, was hoping combobox can load 10 as it does now and as user scrolls down then load remaining 10 and so on. It’s lazy loading on scroll instead of paging.

If you want a ComboBox with scrolling and lazy loading, you could use a TextField for entering a filter and a Table inside some popup element. There’s at least the
add-ons that you could maybe use, and of course AbsoluteLayout.

Using TextField+Table allows more flexible filtering than with ComboBox. See for example the
filtering examples

Thank you, will take a look.

We are in similar need for lazily loading combobox. Is there any other way other than using textbox and table ? items list is too big(100K). so we want to show first 100 results and as user scrolls down the dropdown or enters a filter, it should sort the results. Table approach is not really looking good and doesnot look like dropdown. Can you please let me know if there is a way to do this?