Scala/Vaadin maven archetype


I’ve just started tinkering with Vaadin. Very nice! The project I want to work in will be based in Scala and I’ll use the Netbeans IDE (6.9.1). Netbeans has a nice Scala plugin, but I had to do some massaging of the Vaadin simple archetype to get it to compile with Scala.

I’m no Maven expert, but I’ve attached the archetype, and hopefully someone finds it useful. It would be great if it could be “professionalized” and shared with the other Vaadin archetypes.

There are some extraneous dependencies like casbah and scalatest that were related to the project I’m working on. I also took out the Jetty dependency and build references. My IDE allows me to define the deployment target and modifies the pom accordingly. That might need to be put back if you’re not using Netbeans.

Anyway, have fun…



I’ve fixed a couple big problems with the archetype. It now uses your project name rather than a hard coded one. I’ve cleaned up some extraneous paths, moved the sample scala file to the default package, and changed the archetype name to something more meaningful.

Here is the new one: