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Joonas Lehtinen suggested that I drop a line here regarding my experiences combining Scala and Vaadin. I’ve started documenting what I’m doing as I go here on my blog.

I hope my scratchings are of interest to someone.

Rob Lally.

Sure it interests!

This is a topic that has unfortunately been buried into my to-do-when-you-have-the-extra-time-and-inspiration. And now I already feel the inspiration :slight_smile: Good tips and patterns for Scala and Vaadin newcomers.

Here is a working link:

Great start Rob! I’m eagerly waiting for the next post – no pressure :smiley:

I have a feeling that my next community friday project will involve scala.


Hi Rob,

Many thanks for great blog-port series!

  • Joonas

Just wanted to let you guys know that I added a short article to the wiki explaining how to do
Dynamic Web Projects in Scala with Eclipse

Should be a good complement to Rob’s excellent articles if you want to stay in eclipse.

Gentlemen, get your Scala engines started!


Just wanted to point out that the Wiki index has a hard time indexing this article. In
Wiki ‘all pages’ page
when you click on the page, it seems to direct to a wrong url. When it notices this, it tries to redirect to the home page, but fails that too - and you end up with a redirect to http://vaadin.comhttp// and a 404 -message. Nothing wrong with the article, the linking in the portal just seems somewhat screwed. :slight_smile:

Yeah sorry about that Jens, it’s a bug in Liferay that I have filed - hope they will fix it soon. Wiki-links with whitespaces break when they are generated by the Portal (when using VirtualHosts).

Posted alittle something about Rob’s work with Scala on our blog aswell:

Keep up the good work Rob :slight_smile: