SASSCompiler - Eclipse Hangs

Good Afternoon,

Today I had a really strange and unusual problem while compiling my theme
I’m working with vaadin 7.1.0 and after a theme compilation with “Compile Theme” button, the eclipse “Compiling Theme” background task hung and nevere returned, without complaining about anything (no messages at all).
Using Process Explorer, I noticed that the process was still there so i copied the command line trying to dig the situation.
After launching the command line from the Windows’ standard CMD:

  1. The process didn’t hang
  2. The output complained about a simple “wrong sintax” error

The error was the following:

com.vaadin.sass.internal.parser.SCSSParseException: Error when parsing file xxxxx\mixins.scss
Encountered “,” at line 194, column 61.

Following is the line 194:

@mixin custom-button($width: 100%, $height: 35px, $text-color:


The error was the colon after the $text-color variable
. After removing it the compiling process ended just fine.

Does it sound like a little bug?

Is the standard error redirected to the eclipse console?

Moreover, wired is also the fact that inside eclipse, the same command line I run fine from the CMD, didn’t return.

Any thoughts?

Guglielmo Moretti

I’ve the same situation. How did you find out the concrete executed command of the command line process? I’d like to find the cause in my scss as well

Addressing the missing error output (see
- fix currently waiting for review).

Hi Henri,
according to #17933, the issue was not reproducible with latest eclipse plugin, right? Do you know when the version 2.4.0 having the fix comes out? 'Cause I’m still having the sass compiling hanging issue with latest eclipse (mars1) and vaadin eclipse plugin version 2.3.6 :-/