Sass Improvements - Compass && custom functions

Hi Everybody!

I was hoping to contribute to
with this:
but was unsure if I was following the correct procedure.

I hope to add compatability to Compass as well as the ability to parse custom functions via the @function syntax.

I’ve added import paths to read the Compass files.
I’m still in the process of coding up the ability to parse custom functions.

Unfortunately, our code review system does not really work with GitHub pull requests, so you should commit/push directly to the code review system. A contribution agreement is also needed prior to changes going to our repositories. See the contribution agreement section on
this page
for information about the contribution agreement - some of the rest of the page may be outdated.

Proper public instructions for pushing to our code review system and going through the review process have been on our TODO list for a while, but are not yet published. While they are not done, we have been giving brief instructions to those who have sent the signed contribution agreement. Please also CC me for the contribution agreement to get forward quicker as some of the people normally handling them are on vacation - my e-mail address is of the form firstname.lastname at . (For anybody else who might be reading this: I do not answer any support questions directly by e-mail.)

GitHub pull requests should actually be disabled, but I am not able to do so at the moment.

Thanks for the heads up.
I’m currently in the process of getting my company to sign the agreement.
When I have the signed agreement, I’ll send it your way and then begin contributing code following the process mentioned on the link you gave.

I’ve just sent the agreement.