Sass compiler errors trying to integrate Susy


I’m trying to integrate the excellent Susy grid system by (per the documentation) putting everything under
in my theme folder and importing _susy.scss.

However, the Sass compiler that Vaadin uses can’t compile Susy’s .scss files (getting compile errors). Isn’t Vaadin’s Sass compiler supposed to support the full Sass syntax? In other words should I create a ticket in the bug tracker for this?

Also, since I can’t wait until the bug gets fixed, can I somehow swap out the Vaadin Sass compiler for another? That other compiler would need to have access to the Valo scss files since I want to use both Valo and Susy in my theme.

Hey Herman,

Yeah, unfortunately, the compiler doesn’t (yet anyway) support the full syntax. Just out of curiosity, what compilation errors did you get?

Perhaps you could try installing Sass, and use sass --watch to update/compile your CSS.

I’ve indeed switched to the official sass compiler using the sass-maven-plugin (which uses JRuby

I don’t remember the exact errors, but each time after fixing one, a new one appeared.

I really don’t know why Vaadin decided to create their own compiler, since writing compilers is hard and not their core business, and there is a perfectly well working way to use the official compiler (the dependency on JRuby is not needed at runtime).

You are absolutely right. Originally the main reason for own compiler was that we want to have runtime compilation during development (and also in certain kind of applications in production) and no Java solution at that time made that possible. Currently however, IDEs provide quite good Sass support, JRuby works, and you can get most of the same benefits without it. While we still use the Java-only Sass compiler and it is there as open source project, using JRuby compiler with Vaadin is also ok.