Sass at runtime compilation not functioning with Spring Boot

I’m having trouble getting the Sass compiler to work at runtime. The themes styles.css is successfully compiled during a Maven install with the vaadin-maven-plugin but nothing seems to happen at runtime. The styles.css needs to be deleted for the on the fly compilation but when this is done any new changes to the theme are only compiled and visible after a new Maven install.

I’m using Vaadin 8.5.2 with Spring Boot 1.4.7 and Vaadin Spring Boot Starer 3.0.0. I have moved the VAADIN folder from the webapp to the resources folder since the webapp folder is ignored when compiling a jar with Spring boot. This seems to be the problem as far as I can tell, when the webapp folder is put back in place the runtime compiler functions as intended when force refreshing a page. The problem that I now have is that I don’t know whether this is a bug, I’m missing something in my Spring or Vaadin configuration or if it is even possible to get this to work in the resource folder.

For now I can use the webapp folder during development and move the themes to the resources when it needs to be deployed but it would be nice if the on the fly compilation would work in the resources folder.


can you make a ticket here: ? If you can, include a sample project setup that demonstrates the issue.