Sample Spring + Vaadin application added to incubator

Just added my test application to incubator. It shows how to integrate SpringFramework with Vaadin. It also contains JSR303 validator and demonstrates how to use Terracotta for clustering session. Check it out (

Application template itself looks really nice, containing at least the following features:

  • Login
  • Role based security
  • EJB based persistence (implemented with Hibernate)
  • Validators
  • Internationalization (translated to two languages)
  • Spring integration
  • Logging
  • Clusteing (with Terracotta)
  • Maven based build-system
  • Well structured really simple example application
    And probably many more features I did not notice in the first quick look.

Anyone implementing a full featured Vaadin-based enterprise application should take a look of this application template.

Petri, thanks for an excellent contribution. I am sure that this will save many headaches in many projects.

I could not find any explicit mention of the license under which this sample is. There is no mention in the forum post, nor in the pom.xml nor elsewhere in the project.

I assume this is meant to be freely reusable, but could you clarify this and make the licensing more explicit?

It’s freely reusable. When “the” Directory is out I’ll make Spring integration project where I put stuff what I found useful in this sample project.

Very nice. I’m interested in how people have solved the Spring integration problem

I took a different approach that uses the Spring dispatcher servlet and would be interested in your thoughts… see
this forum entry
. Thanks.

Interesting to see that people have so many way doing the same thing. Like this SpringIntegration and one of my own. And then is you that uses dispatcher servlet. I’m using AspectJ and I think it’s the way that SpringSource guys are trying to tell world about. It’s very easy just use Configurable annotation. And then you can use classes like you used to and everything is autowired. Just see the example. But anyway good job but AspectJ is just perfect match for me.

Just uploaded a presentation on Vaadin Beam Validator:

Nice, thanks !

One thing I like about Spring MVC is the way to hide certain beans from the main application context. I worked recently on how to define the vaadin application bean and friends in the nested Spring mvc app context.

I have a working solution even though I had to change something


(where I basically inject the app context instead of relying on WebApplicationContextUtils)