Running XMLRPC alongside Vaadin

Hi Folks,

I’ve set up a Vaadin application with Maven & Eclipse, and I also want to run an XmlRpc server in the same application.

With default web.xml, it seems that the vaadin works OK, but the XmlRpc calls are leading to 404, Not found.

My current servlet mappings are…

[font=Courier New]

		<description>Sets, whether the servlet supports vendor extensions for XML-RPC.</description>




Vaadin Application Servlet

Vaadin application class to start



Vaadin Application Servlet


Vaadin Application Servlet



With this arrangement, vaadin works OK, but the XmlRpc calls are being ignored. I have moved the vaadin ‘root’ so that a URI of ‘/vaadin’ works; but I dont understand why the /xmlrpc calls fail. I can see the XMLRPC requests in wireshark, and they look OK.

Any ideas what I’ve missed?

Many Thanks for any help

Ian HUnter

Sorry folks - this was my error. I needed to adjust the URL in the XMLRPC client - Doh! :*)