Running Vaadin as JSR286 Portlet in SAP Netweaver Portal 7.3?


i’m trying to run a simple Vaadin JSR286 portlet in the SAP Netweaver 7.3 portal.
This portal supports now JSR 168 & 286. I did a test with a standard JSR286 portlet and it works fine.

Now if i try to run the Vaadin portlet i have some access and permission problems like

The Netweaver application server itself has no ROOT webapp like tomcat. So i’m not sure where to place themes and widgetset described in

Are there an differences between the theme and widgetset included in vaadin.jar and the distributed liferay version?

So, my first try was to use the theme and widgetset included in the vaadin.jar and deploy the portlet with the standard configuration. But then the resources like js and html files were not found because my browser tries now to search for the resources in /html/… The problem here is, that the included themes and widgetset directory starts with /VAADIN and not with /html.

My second try was to extend the Class ApplicationPortlet2 and to override the method getStaticFilesLocation.

Now it seems, that the page is able to access the js-files but have problems with cache.html.

Right now i’m not sure if i am on the right track.
please let me know if anybody has a hint for me.

Thanks a lot

Hello Jörg,

I’m thinking of using Vaadin in portlets development for SAP Portal 7.3

Did you solve your issue? Have you met any others?
Maybe you have soe conclusions regarding Vaadin in SAP Portal?

With best regards,