Running a Vaadin-Maven project on Eclipse

Hi all,

I have a problem which seems to be a small one, but I can’t solve it. Therefore I seek your expertise on this one.
The scenario is as follows.

I have successfully installed
JDK 1.6, Eclipse, Tomcat 6, Vaadin plugin for Eclipse & Maven 2 Eclipse
Then I created a simple
project for
as shown in the following images.

So my question is, how do I run my main class (MyVaadinApplication) ? Coz there’s no “Run on server” option.

Thanks in advance,

If you use Maven, you probably also want to run the project with Maven using the Tomcat or Jetty plugins for maven:

MyProject → Debug As → Maven build… → select the target tomcat:run or jetty:run . If I remember correctly, both plugins are included also in the clean archetype, although some sections might be commented out in the POM. If they are not there, you can copy them from what one of the other archetypes produces, or from the wiki.

Hi Henri,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. It worked.

Thanks again,