Running a Vaadin app without a UI???

I am building a system that includes several web applications that I am hoping to create with Vaadin. Along the way, I’ve been building a database interface using the JPAContainer. Now I find that I need to build some infrastructure programs that do some housekeeping chores - database rebuilds, updates and so on, but these programs will be run from a cron job and will have no UI. Can I just create a Java project in Eclipse and include the JPAContainer jar file or do I need to include the vaadin.jar file as well? And if I do that, do I have to make it a Vaadin project? I’d rather not if it isn’t necessary…



The JPAContainer depends on several interfaces found in Vaadin so you will have to include the vaadin.jar into your project to use it.

However, I don’t think you will have to make a vaadin project since it is a pure server side addon with very little dependencies to the UI. So just creating a normal Java project and including the vaadin and jpacontainer jars should work. Haven’t tried it though so cannot say for sure.

That is what I expected - I’ll give it a try. Thanks very much,


You can also take a look at the unit tests of JPAContainer
- there are lots of them and they all work without a Vaadin UI.