Run Vaadin Application on 3 diff server


I am new to Vaadin application.
I had read books and I had found that vaadin api works based on session.

My application works on 3 diff server and we havent configure session management on that one.

Should it work on that one ?

or if its not then
1) Should I must have to configure my server for session handling
2) Is there any other way I can run vaadin application without session eg. like cookie or any other one…


for list of supported servers. In addition to these, many others work as well.

There should be nothing to configure to enable sessions in a server.

If you have a problem with some server, please describe the server, version, deployment scenario and configuration in detail to make it possible to reproduce the problem and help.

Hi Joonas,

thanks for reply

but my question is diff

my one appication deployed on 3 OC4J server.

and all 3 server are not configure for session management from each other

thats why I am asking for is there any other way ie. url writing or cookie based , session suport by Vaadin.



To my knowledge, Vaadin doesn’t do anything peculiar or specific to deal with or manage HTTP sessions - it just accesses the Session as provided to it by the application server.

I’m afraid that if your three servers to do not share/replicate session data between the three servers, you cannot deploy a Vaadin application to the cluster.

I don’t believe that this is behaviour particularly specific to the Vaadin library (although the amount of session usage may be - I believe Wicket uses the session in a similar way).

The session data would be (comparatively) large - so it would not be possible to simulate session sharing using the URL.



As Charles pointed out, Vaadin uses (and requires) that standard Java HttpSessions are enabled.

Your options are 1) enable clustering in your servers (if the server supports it and you can implement Serializable in your application) or 2) add a load balancing proxy before the servers and set it up to forwards requests from one client always to the same server.