Rule Builder/Predicate Editor

Hello everybody!!!

My team and I are developing a component like the one described as “Essentian Control 30” in this blog post → or like the smart playlist builder in iTunes (see but we are having problems by changing, adding, removing or repainting the components. When we change the value of a combo box, for example, a second component could change from text box to label or to another combo box but the new component is painted incomplete, depending on the size of the component that was there before.

Any advice to develop something like this?

Sounds like a bug to me. What layouts are you using to build this? I suspect the regular Vertical, Horizontal and Grid layouts?

By using CssLayout and adding some CSS on top of it might work better today, but that doesn’t mean this shouldn’t work with the regular layouts.

Can you provide us with a simplified test case that would exhibit this error?

Do we have any editor/component for writing business rules in vaadin?