Row expansion in datatable.


I have the requirement to display the master records from a table and the user can expand any row to see the details of the master records. I found the following ticket but not sure if that funcionality has been implemented in Vaadin 7.4 yet. Currently I’m using vaadin 7.3.4. One idea to implement this behaviour was to create a javascript library to show/hide the details table and integrate it on my java code but i haven’t found a way to “attach” the table as an item to the master. Both master and details table may have different columns so a Treetable is out of the question. Thanks in advance.

I think the main issue is that you need the full row for the sub-table; currently, Table can’t provide that. The Grid in 7.4 might, since you have much better control over the cells, rows, cols and editors. You could try it and see if it works for you. In most cases we just put the details table under the master table, it is a lot easier that way.

I resolved this issue generating the table details on the fly and using a javascript library i’m displaying the details when the user click on the expand button. I think we can achieve this using the Grid but didn’t want to use it until there is an stable release. Thanks for your reply.