Route Parameters missing in AppShell Configurator

Inside the AppShell Configurator, I noticed I can read QueryParameters, but I could not find Route Parameters, I was even hoping to get the Route Class, or the routerlink.

Am I missing something?
thank you

VaadinRequest request = settings.getRequest();

//cant find Route Parameters

You are missing that the app shell is called once and not on every navigation; therefore it doesn’t know about the concept of routes. It’s the “outer shell” of the application.


What is it that you’re trying to achieve? Maybe there’s a better way.

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I wanted to add a logo and a summary for links shared, used in OpenGraph Meta links.
Now I realized that I must add to the link query which does solve my problem instead of using the info contained in the Route Parameters.

Makes me think again of what should be used as query parameters and RouteParameters.

these are the links used for OpenGraph for the website