Roadmap for client side components

My employer is considering Vaadin in a new product however I was unable to find any solid information about availability of client-side components.

According to a post by Joonas Lehtinen it will be only partially supported in 7.0 and incrementally expanded in each minor release. Published roadmap of Vaadin7 only mentions rewrite of Table component in version 7.1 (2013Q1) but nothing about other things.

I am interested in the state of and plans for basic components (buttons, labels, checkboxes, combos etc.) in server-less environment (i.e. offline mode) as I will need them to make a demo sometime soon.

There are no concrete plans for anything else than Table and ComboBox. Most other components are relatively simple to refactor and we have thus not made any specific plans for them yet. A simple component, e.g. Link might require about one day of work compared to the planned 12 weeks for Table which also includes redesigning the server-side API and improving the communication mechanisms to make it easier to implement lazy-loading.

A separate team with responsibility for the client-side-only aspects of Vaadin is currently being assembled. My assumption is that one of their initial areas of focus will be to port the existing components to work without server-side counterparts, but there is nothing specific planned yet.