Roadmap for 2009H2

I just posted the development roadmap for 2009H2 at
. Included are items such as a directory for components, improved rendering performance, Google App Engine compatibility, drag’n’drop support and more. Check it out.

Great roadmap. Is it 8 sprints as in “sprint and one item”? Or are you going to develop some/all simultaneously, how?
Could you open your schedule a bit more than just current sprint. Maybe showing next sprint too?

The development effort needed for the items in the roadmap varies greatly. We will be using 2 weeks sprints and mainly focus on one or two issues during the sprints. The exact order of the items is still to be determined so I cannot give any dates for specific features. A large part of the development team will be on vacation the following weeks but after that we will most likely try to tackle the client performance and start developing the directory.