Right way to use @Push

Hi everyone,

First, the problem, I’ve tried many things to make push working


  • Jboss 7.1.1Final / Vaadin 7.3.0 / JDK 1.7.45
  • WildFly8.2.0 / Vaadin 7.3.10 / JDK 1.7.75
  1. Start server from scratch on eclipse (jboss tools, maven & vaadin plugins) with only @Push on my UI
    a & b) Errors loading jetty

  2. Add web.xml with config explained on book of vaadin
    a & b) Errors loading jetty

  3. Add Transport.LONG_POLLING to annotation
    a & b) Errors loading jetty

  4. Add exclude dependencies jetty to ivy.xml
    a & b) Ivy ignore excludes

  5. Delete manually all jetty libs from WEB_INF/lib
    a & b) Jetty not found

  6. Add atmosphere-runtime-native 2.1.2
    a & b) Error loading jetty

  7. Delete all jetty libs and vaadin-push on ivy
    a) Working with warnings Vaadin depends on Atmosphere 2.1.2.vaadin3 but version 2.1.2 was found.
    Errors few seconds after
    b) Jetty errors

  8. Add org.atmosphere.cpr.SessionSupport listener, useWebSocketAndServlet3, Servlet30CometSupport and async-support params to web.xml
    a) Working with same warning
    b) Jetty errors

Now, questions:

  1. Why atmosphere-runtime-2.1.2.vaadin3 never works?
  2. The method I found to make it work on a) is really ugly, it’s working fine, but i’ve to delete jars manually after each server cleans, and I want to make it run on wildfly too. How to make it work with atmosphere-runtime-2.1.2.vaadin3 and vaadin-push?

All solutions are welcomed, except changing versions.