RichTextArea - Firefox Issue

I’m trying to use the RichTextArea control and it seems to function as expected in IE and Chrome but in Firefox its really unusable. For example you can highlight some text and click the bold icon and generally the first time you click the icon the selected text will appear bold. But then selecting the same text and click the bold icon to remove it doesn’t work. The mouse cursor continually jumps back to the start of the first line. This appears to be true for all action icons that you make them work once but you can’t ever remove the action.

Windows 7
Firefox: 24.0

Is anyone else having this issue? Is there a work around or fix for this problem?


I can confirm it’s broken on Firefox 24 on OSX also. I searched for a related ticket but there doesn’t seem to be one. Please create a ticket about this issue at
vaadin trac
, thanks.