Richmond, VA - Vaadin developer.

If there is anyone that has extensive experience with Vaadin that lives in the Richmond, VA and that is interested in a short term contract for some custom work please contact me. We have been developing with Vaadin for serveral months now and would like someone to review what we have done and make suggestion as to better ways to handle things. Also we have a few minor problems, that we have worked around, that we would like some help with.
Thank you
Freddy Boisseau

Hi Freddy,

Just bumbed into your message. Did you already get help with this?

In case this need has already deprecated I want to share that Vaadin does have experts, not in Richmond specifically, but in US. They are happy to help you and your customer projects, remotely or even on-site. Please let me know in case you still need someone to review your code, or perhaps backup your Vaadin project deliveries.

So far you are the only one that has replied. Yes we would still like to have some help in this area. If you know of anyone that you can recommend, please fill free to pass along their information.
Thank you

Hello Freddy,

In our company
we does have Vaadin experts and we could help you.
We are canadian company based in Montreal, so not very far from Richmond.
So if you are still looking for Vaadin experts just contact me.