RFC: filesystem-based routing in Hilla

We’re looking at supporting adding new views by name convention instead of requiring explicit route registration. That would also allow us to handle things like security configuration in a central place. Please check out the RFC and comment here: RFC: File-based router configuration · vaadin/hilla · Discussion #1975 · GitHub

That’s a great idea :+1:

It seems like a good idea, similar to the idea of signal-based fine-grained reactivity. Hilla is becoming a strong competitor for nextjs.

I spent some time looking at all the new ideas for Hilla and Vaadin at github.

Legioth is really good at coming up with fresh concepts. I’ve seen a lot of clever ideas that he’s proposed for both Hilla and Vaadin.

Yes he is (@original-uguisu here). I’m really excited about the full-stack signal concept