Reverse Proxy Issues

I’m having issues with the UI rendering correctly when going through Apache 2.2 reverse proxy. It appears in the browser that the css/javascript files are not loading. IE is the worse (but of course it would be). I’ve determined the cause to be from the following setting in my Location directive “SetOutputFilter proxy-html”. I do not have any issues with our JSP applications with this setting. Any ideas on why having this setting would affect our Vaadin applications?

One thing I’m puzzled with is that the Apache logs did not contain any errors. All of the GET requests for the css and javascript resources returned a 200.

We are currently using Vaadin 6.5.1.

I appreciate any insight into this.


I’d bet the urls to VAADIN directory (from which themes and widgetsets ought to be served), points to some wrong place.

Our default kickstart page (written by the ApplicationServlet) is a bit problematic with some reverse proxy setups. See ticket .

Without knowing you exact setup it is hard to say what is the best way to fix the issue. As a workaround you could do a static kickstart page that has correct addresses. Check this example page:


Hmm. I was wondering if that might be the cause. I’m hoping this gets resolved soon. I really like Vaadin but I’m annoyed with having a separate vhost for those apps.

Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile: