Restore password

How can I restore my password

I can log in only with Google OAuth

I tested submitting my email address at Reset password | Vaadin and that did work as expected. I also tested with a made-up email address and then it showed the same message that is in your screenshot. That’s obviously a bug but it might also imply that you accidentally mistyped the email address or used a different email address than what you registered with?

If that doesn’t help, then you could send your email address to me in a DM so that we can check if there’s something else going on in your case.

So we investigated this through some DMs and discovered how it works. I’m sharing it here as well in case someone else encounters the issue.

The form for resetting the password doesn’t work if you haven’t accepted the cookie consent dialog that shows up in the lower left corner. The problem is just that the error message about that isn’t really clear. Reseting the password worked as expected after clicking OK there and it wasn’t related to whether the email address existed like I first speculated.