[Resposive] IE-11 and EDGE dont catch "Media Queries"

Im using the responsive feature of vaadin to “emulate” media queries.
I have a basic template using media queries like this:


[/code]And it works fine in all browsers (chrome, firefox, safari, IE 9, IE 10). When i use the element inspector of the browser i can see the right CSS selector.
When i iuse IE11 and EDGE and try to inspect the elements, the media queries do not appear.

But i know vaadin can be responsive in those browsers… is something that i didnt have in a count? or some trick…

I was using the Responsive add-on. I changed it for the native Responsive module of Vaadin. With this changes i was able to make responsive IE 11 but it was not working on EDGE. So i updated vaadin version (7.5.5 add support for responsive in EDGE) and now all its working fine