Responsive range not updating after css animation

I have a centered layout that I made responsive. On load, the range is correctly set, but if any css animation is performed, the width-range is updated immediately, but not after the animation has been completed.

Is there anyway to force the range to be updated after the element has been resized via css? is this a bug?

It looks like since the annimation is happening soly on the client-side (I am using valo-animate-out-slide-right), the current state is never sent back to the server. When I click on the textfield, the state is sent and then the ui width-range is then updated.


I’m not sure if that counts as a bug or a missing feature. As far as I know, detecting the end of CSS animations/transitions is not identical across different browsers (and might not be supported at all in some, which could explain why it’s not implemented). You should file a ticket about it.


Thanks Olli. I have created an